Blue cheese

Blue Cheese was created by crossing the world-famous and popular Blue Cheese , originally from Great Britain, with the very tasty and equally famous Blueberry. This strain is full of intense flavor and an intense effect.

Blue cheese

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  • A mix of the most famous cheeses

    It took our best Blueberry varieties and the great aroma of Blue Cheese to create this ultimate hybrid. After the original cross, she was backcrossed with Blue Cheese to stabilize the genetics and perfect the taste and effects of the strain.

    Blue Cheese takes around 60 to 65 days to complete the flowering period. The sweet, fruity cheese aroma begins to develop just a few weeks after flowering begins and becomes more intense as the plant matures. Most plants reach heights of 160 to 200 cm . When grown outdoors, it will grow a little larger and be ready to harvest by the end of September.

    Good for SOG or hydroponic growing

    Good growers will get an equally good yield - you can expect an average of 500 to 600 g per square meter. The only downside to Blue Cheese is the slightly above average leaf-to-flower ratio, which means it is a little more difficult to cut. But this extra work pays off in the end product. Blue Cheese thrives well with the Sea of Green techniques as well as in hydroponic conditions and in soil.

    Beautiful buds

    The flavor of this strain is the perfect blend of the parent generation. The sweet, fruity taste of the blueberry with the earthy, musky taste of Cheese. The buds are extremely dense and, when grown properly, are covered in a thick layer of resin. If you're a fan of cheese you might want to try our blue cheese.

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