Lighter turbo lighter, blowtorch, the Bulldog Amsterdam

This lighter in the pest look of the manufacturer of this Bulldog is a lighter that does not compromise on elegance or class.

You can find the famous Bulldog of the brand on the lighter, it is a relief to add even more value to your lighter.

You can find an ignition, sometimes as a lighter-turbo-lighter, blowtorch or storm lighter .

Call it as you want, one thing is certain, it will turn your cigarettes, rolled cigars, blunts or bang without a problem.

Bulldog Blazer Car Turbo

SKU: ThebulldogTurbo.025
  • Description of the lighter The bulldog Amsterdam:

    • Manufacturer: The Bulldog Amsterdam

    • Color: metal

    • Material: metal

    • Refillable lighter

    • Adjustable flame

    • Height: 6.2 cm

    • Width: 3.2 cm

    • Thickness: 1.2 cm