What is CBD Shatter? CBD shatter is a type of CBD isolate. In other words, it only contains CBD and no other cannabinoids or botanicals. If you are unfamiliar with isolates, we'll cover them in more detail later. Shatter gets its name from its texture. It's a hard, brittle texture that breaks easily when handled. In some ways, its solid state is similar to a CBD wax, but you can tell the difference by handling it. To break CBD, manufacturers extract cannabinoids from the hemp plant. It is currently impossible to isolate and remove just CBD, so the resulting extract contains a number of plant compounds. The extract is then filtered repeatedly until there is only CBD left. At this point the manufacturers must "discontinue" the isolate. If the isolate is not spread out and protected from changes in heat and light, it can break. Compared to other isolates, Shatter has the same potency. It's just a matter of preference as to what type of consistency you prefer.

CBD Shatter Blueberry Kush

SKU: EuphSchatt.001
1 Gram
    • 93 mg of CBD
    • With natural terpenes
    • THC free

    Using CBD Shatter Some people think that CBD shards can be used in cooking if it is poured into a butter. Melting off the splinter, however, can damage the cannabinoids and make them less effective. If you want to cook with CBD isolates, your best bet is to find crystals, powders, or an isolate tincture. By far the best way to consume slivers is to dab off the CBD. Dabbing falls under the category of smoking CBD as it involves some type of vaporization. To dab, place a small amount of isolate on a hot plate or nail and inhale the steam. To start dabbing, you will need the necessary equipment. A swab is a good place to start. With a swab, you know it is safe to heat the nail and enjoy your swab experience. Also, some users want to buy other tools to help them dab, such as: B. an instrument to remove the splinter from the tub. CBD splitter usually comes in a 1g tub. All you have to do is dab a tiny amount. With a potency of around 90%, remember that you are inhaling extremely strong CBD! Take out a small amount of splinters and drop or blot on the heated nail. It evaporates instantly, leaving a cloud of vapor for inhalation. CBD shatter can also be used in some vaporizers and vape pens. You do need to buy one that is specifically designed for concentrates, however

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