Clipper has been offering reusable lighters since 1972.

Only with Clipper you can refill the gas and also replace the flint and the spark wheel so that you can reuse it as often as you like.

Clipper Large DWARFS

SKU: Clipper.037
  • "DWARFS" series

    With the purchase you get all 4 different motifs of the collection The special thing about the Clipper Classic lighter is that the flame almost doubles when held at an angle - ideal for lighting pipes. In addition to their numerous and unusual designs, the high-quality Clipper lighters offer two decisive advantages compared to conventional lighters:

    -On the one hand, the flame becomes larger when you tilt it (tilting flame) and, on the other hand, the ignition pin is suitable for filling self-rolled cigarettes.
    -The removable firing pin, which is actually used to change the flint, is THE stuffing tool for self-rolled people among connoisseurs

    Double gas capacity, durable, refilling costs less than buying new

    Filled with the purest gas!

    Resistant material, childproof, lower pressure

    High percentage of recycled materials, low impact on the environment