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The development of every Cultilite product is a real challenge for us: To put all the technical skills that we have acquired through years of experience in this area at the service of our greatest passion, indoor cultivation. The special attention we pay to the needs of our customers by taking up and elaborating their feedback enables us to carry out continuous research and improvement in order to obtain better and better products and to become more and more aware and informed of the producers.

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    ANTARES 360 Real consumption 240w 32 diodes OSRAM da 3w 4 COB (made in USA) 66w Light floor area 1.10 m2 Duration 50,000 hours

    Modular lighting: Another innovation concerns the modular lighting mode: we have introduced the possibility of switching on half of the panel or the entire panel, so that the producer can increase or decrease the emitted light and adjust the needs of the plants depending on the growth phase. Basically, this point means lower energy consumption and consequently lower costs for the producer. 5 + 1 band spectrum: The selection of the color bands deserves a special mention: In order to choose the best possible color combination, we work with botanists from various universities and research centers. Photosynthesis is the process by which plants use simple elements like water and carbon dioxide to produce carbohydrates that are supported by solar energy. We decided to extrapolate the peak values of maximum light absorption by plants, referring to the experiments of our partner laboratories, and once we identified the peaks, we selected the diodes that correspond to these particular wavelengths and we merged them to create to get the most efficient light combination suitable for growth and flowering stages.

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