A large and healthy root structure contributes greatly to a well-developed plant. To make this possible, this organic root stimulator ensures faster and stronger growth of the root structure and it has a preventive effect against soil diseases such as Pythium, Fusarium and root lice. The roots will branch out more quickly and the root volume will also increase significantly, which will give the plant more support and will also spread strongly underground. Likewise, with a well-developed and anchored root structure, the plant will be able to bear more flowers in the final stage, which ultimately pays off in a better harvest.

Can be used during the entire growth stage as a supplement to the usual diet when watering the crop.

Breeding tips:
Atami recommends using Root-C at the beginning of the growing cycle and switching to Alga-C, the organic growth stimulator, after 3 weeks. In this way an optimal result is achieved!

As a supplement to food: 1 -5 ml per liter of food water.

Quality guarantee:
Atami stimulators and liquid foods are sealed under the screw cap and light-tight packed, which means that the quality is maintained.

Atami organics fertilizer

SKU: FertAtamiorg001
  • ATA Root-C de Atami es en potent estimulador de enraizado para plantas de marihuana de origen 100% organic y natural . Con ATA Root-C aumenta la masa radicular y protege a las plantas de plagas y enfermedades de la raíz . Para cultivadores de marihuana bio que quieren realizar todo el cultivo con productos naturales que garanticen además de una gran producción todo el sabor de la marihuana bio