Exotic Witch Regular

Exotic Witch is a breed for true connoisseurs. This unique breed comes from a rare landrace and offers a pleasant composition of intense terpenes.

Exotic Witch Regular

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  • Exotic Witch: A Unique Pleasure

    All of the best cannabis strains on the market started out as landraces that developed naturally in the wild. Exotic Witch shares the same story. This is an indica-dominant, polyhybrid strain whose parent strains come from completely different regions.

    Half of their genetics are derived from a landrace sativa discovered deep in the rainforests of the West Indies. A cannabis geneticist stumbled upon this specimen and brought it back to the state of California. Here breeders crossed it with an ancient Indica strain from North Carolina. Exotic Witch was teased out of this mixture and stabilized over several generations. The result is a highly aromatic strain that has plenty of punch to leave you stoned.


    Exotic Witch descends from both Satica and Indica ancestors. However, it was the indica part of her genetics that gained the upper hand. This strain creates an effect that is mostly stoned and sets in quickly. Seconds after the first pull, a creeping feeling of relaxation flows through the entire body. Tensions begin to dissipate, the pain may subside and the mood may improve.

    Exotic Witch is particularly suitable for use in the evening and night. Their sedative effects help you sit back, relax, and watch a movie or read something. It increases your appetite before dinner and lulls you to sleep when it's time for bed.

    This strain produces compact, tapered buds that are loaded with trichomes. These tiny structures ensure a THC content of around 20%. In addition, the trichomes from Exotic Witch offer a diverse range of aromatic terpenes. This chemical compound creates fantastic scents and flavors of sour, kush, tropical fruits and sandalwood.


    Exotic Witch shows the typical growth of an Indica. She copes well with indoor and outdoor conditions, maintaining a medium size. Plants grown indoors produce an average yield of 500g / m² after a flowering phase of around 56 days. A plant grown outdoors impresses with a harvest of 550g, which can be collected in early October.

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