HOMEbox R120 - optimal shape for 600W HPS

The HOMEbox R120 offers a square meter of growing space of 120x90cm and a height of 180cm. Due to its rectangular shape, this box is evenly and optimally illuminated with a 600W lamp in a rectangular reflector. Like all ambient boxes, the R120 is also equipped with light-tight zippers , a second base, a sturdy frame and many other features.

Like all HOMEbox products, the R120 is of course extremely high-quality and is made of durable, robust materials . The box can be set up in just a few minutes. The R120 has large side windows for optimal access. The grow box offers many openings to ideally integrate your exhaust air system:

  • 2x 200mm OmniFlow Airvents
  • 3x 100mm tubes (left, right and on the back)
  • 3x 160mm tubes (2x left, 1x right)
  • 1x 200mm tube on the roof

For maximum success, the R120 should be illuminated with a 600 watt sodium vapor lamp, e.g. the Osram NAV-T Super. An Adjust-a-Wings reflector is recommended for optimal illumination. The exhaust system for a box of this size should be able to move at least 200 m³ per hour, ideally over 500 m³ per hour.

The HOMEbox Ambient series are absolute top products. HOMEbox was the first manufacturer of grow boxes and continues to deliver high quality tents to this day. The R120 is 100% light-tight and offers optimal air flow control, thanks to patented OmniFlow Airvents . The inner coating made of PAR + reflects a lot of light so that every photon benefits the development of your plants. The box developed in Germany offers enormous strength and resilience - up to 75kg! In addition, the manufacturer offers a 2 year guarantee on its products.

Homebox fixture poles can be attached to the 120cm long side. This prevents the tent cover from contracting too much. The Homebox Equipment Board can be attached to both the short and the long side of the R120.

HOMEbox Ambient R120

SKU: GrowHome.004
  • The ingenious design of the HOMEbox® Ambient R120 grow box offers a little more than one square meter of growing space - in a rectangular shape! These are the ideal proportions to use every single photon from a 600 W HID plant light, which is installed in a rectangular reflector housing.

    The HOMEbox® Ambient R120 is a tailor-made grow box which, thanks to its perfect proportions and the optimally reflective PAR + lining, offers uniform illumination and a high level of effectiveness. Thanks to the 150 mm tubes positioned in parallel on the right and left, air-cooled reflectors can be precisely fitted. A generous 200 mm tube in the roof makes it easier to attach an electrically assisted ventilation system, but ventilation can also be individually and optimally regulated via the two 200 mm OmniFlow Airvents.