Professional feeder for the cultivation of indoor and outdoor systems It is the first TBM power supply that is suitable for CMH-LEC lamps. The 315 W electromagnetic power supply includes a life choke and electronics board that modifies the output shaft to be compatible with LEC lamps. It also has thermal protection to prevent the device from overheating. We recommend that the distance between the reactor and the reflector not exceed 10 meters, although it can work up to 15 meters away. We can say that the LEC 315 W is a magnetic power supply that greatly improves the electronics. Thanks to this new starter, LEC lighting is cheaper. The TBM builds this model in Europe with its own quality standards, so the power factor is corrected with a capacitor and its internal consumption of only 30W (which must be added to the consumption of the 315W bulb installed).

Manufacturer: TBM

Model: Grenn Power

Type: LEC

Power: 315W

Suitable for: CDM 315W incandescent lamps

Volt: 220 V-50 Hz

Power supply units Green Power 315w lamps CMH, CDM, LEC

SKU: AlimGreen001