The PANDORA is a patented system that replaces the normal garden and children's breeding pots with modular collapsible containers made of lightweight plastic that meet all growing needs: from the production of small plants (from seeds or clones) to the growth and flowering of vegetables and maintenance of mother plants. In addition, their versatility makes them suitable for all types of substrates and / or cultivation techniques (soil / coconut / inert for hydroponics). The advantages of PANDORA are easy to understand and can be expressed as follows: Cheaper than traditional vases Discreet Smarter Less bulky Less pollution Less heavy Transport is less expensive The shape of these containers was developed to make efficient use of the growing space by making use of the interval spaces normally wasted with conventional rigid containers. All of this manifests itself in a considerable increase in the volume available to the roots with the same cultivation area; a factor that should not be neglected in intensive production, as it brings yields both indoors and outdoors. In practice, the perfect modularity and the extreme cohesion of the individual elements mean that PANDORA can create a terrarium-like space everywhere, but which offers the possibility of separating the individual elements whenever the consumer so wishes, when a plant is sick or less vigorous is than the others. Other advantages of PANDORA that should not be overlooked are primarily its practicality before, during and after use, as it is easy to wash and store in small quantities. In fact, a PANDORA can be easily folded anywhere, eliminating the clutter of vessels even during transport, as if they were temporarily idle. It is easy to understand that this point concerns both those who are engaged in an activity and have no storage space and the simple consumer who is able to free up storage space where it normally contains unused vases.

Pandora s Pot Vase

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