RAW Rolling Paper is cigarette paper without artificial additives. Starting in 1993, the RAW brand quickly secured a permanent place in the cigarette paper market. RAW Papers offer more than just cigarette paper, RAW is part of the smoking culture, the brand is alive, exciting and innovative. All RAW products have a background, a history and philosophy. When you use RAW Papers at the latest, you notice that these people have been honing their products for a long time and having fun with them. RAW has two lines, the Classic Papers and the Organic Hemp Papers. You can order them in all possible cigarette paper sizes. They also have tips, cones, connoisseur papers, as well as a sophisticated bamboo roll mat and various lathes in their range. RAW Papers are all made of unbleached fibers (chlorine-free), without chemical additives and are vegan. The RAW cigarette paper was processed with a gentle method and is translucent and with a natural brown color. So thin that you can see through. The typical RAW coloring is also due to the fact that the manufacturing process of RAW cigarette paper is terminated prematurely in order to obtain a natural coloring. Each leaf is provided with a CrissCross watermark, which allows the zgarette paper to burn evenly without further ado. The RAW cigarette paper offers you the pure, unadulterated taste of your favorite tobacco, because a cigarette rolled with RAW is comparable to smoking tobacco from a glass pipe. Try it yourself. You will notice the difference to conventional cigarette papers. This may seem unusual at first, but you quickly get a taste for it. Incidentally, RAW cigarette paper is produced in Alcoy in Spain.

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