Purple Queen Automatic

Purple Queen Automatic is a treat for the eyes, nose and mind. She looks stunning, smells amazing, and creates a much-needed surge of euphoria.

Purple Queen Automatic

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  • Purple Queen Automatic : Prepare to relax

    Purple Queen Automatic is more than just the pretty exterior. This beneficial strain reaches deep into the psyche and tissues to relieve tension and stress. Our breeders created this purple beauty by skillfully selecting parent strains Purple Auto for their gorgeous looks and Critical Auto for their indica-dominant genetic profile. The result is that Purple Queen Automatic is heavily indica-dominant (80%) and ready to give your world a big dose of relaxation.


    Are you looking for a way to reduce stress? Look no further! We all know stress, be it from work or family life. The solution is often a few deep breaths and a nice warm bath. A joint or a bowl of Purple Queen Automatic will help get you back on the ground. The high releases muscle tension while slowing down troubled thoughts and reducing anxiety. You will also notice that with each subsequent pull, a wave of euphoria sets in. Your favorite songs will sound better and you will feel a smile creep across your face.

    Purple Queen Automatic's terpene profile greatly improves the smoking experience. Their exotic and diverse scents and aromas will make you sink into the present moment. Its purple flowers give off aromas of skunk, fruit, and citrus. Each puff delivers a contrasting mix of sweetness, bitterness and spice.


    Purple Queen Automatic only takes around 9 weeks from seed to harvest. It doesn't take up much space, so it can be easily grown in a small closet. During the flowering phase, it offers a spectacular show in the form of two different phenotypes: About half of the plants will be a deep purple hue, while the other half will come up with a rich dark green. In the grow tent, the plants can be kept at a height of approximately 100cm and still produce up to 400g / m². Expect a taller height of 140cm outdoors and a yield of up to 150g per plant.

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