RAW Classic Rolls Slim - this is unbleached, chlorine-free cigarette paper that can be unrolled and torn off, depending on the desired length.
A roll is 5 meters long and approx. 4.4 cm wide or narrow! The paper is ultra thin and of the finest RAW quality.
Environmentally friendly made in Spain.

RAW Organic Hemp Rolls.

Each pack of RAW Organic Rolls contains 5 meters of RAW Organic Hemp Paper.

RAW Organic Rolls are for people who like to determine their paper size themselves.

If required, the convenient bulk pack RAW Organic Rolls with 50 packs in a box can also be ordered.

The term organic at RAW stands for the use of Pure Hemp. And even the packaging is ecological.

The RAW Rolling Papers brand impresses with its pure, uncomplicated quality. RAW Rolling Papers are made from natural unbleached fibers, which gives the raw papers their translucent, naturally colored brown color. RAW papers are so thin that you can see through them. Every RAW paper has a CrissCross watermark, which ensures that it burns evenly.

Raw Rolls Slim

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