Autoflowering cannabis plants will start to flower on their own 2-4 weeks after germination. Classic indica-dominant or sativa-dominant strains are photoperiodic plants. As a result, they are typically exposed to light for 12 hours to initiate flowering when grown indoors. However, unlike autoflowering strains, they may not have enough time to fully develop before the days get shorter and shorter. They are crosses of indica or sativa varieties and ruderalis plants. This makes them the perfect choice for areas where summers are very short and only have a few hours of daylight. Ruderalis will automatically complete its flowering phase in less than 6 weeks


Royal Gorilla Automatic

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  • Royal Gorilla Automatic

    Royal Gorilla Automatic is a strain that catapults autoflowering genetics into the top league like a THC-powered rocket. The hottest genetics on the US West Coast have been successfully hybridized and refined to create an autoflowering strain that will revolutionize the market. She takes the cultivation of an autoflower to the next level and delivers up to 20% THC in just 8 weeks.

  • Royal Gorilla Autoflowering:

    Fast and sticky - Gorilla Glue like you've never seen it before

    With Royal Gorilla Automatic we introduce you to the new heir to the cannabis throne. The breeders at Royal Queen Seeds mixed the most potent and best photoperiod strains on offer - Royal Gorilla and Royal Cookies - with Ruderalis genetics to create the spectacular Royal Gorilla Automatic .

    This next-generation autoflowering hybrid outperforms the competition in virtually every major category. Royal Gorilla Automatic is sure to change the opinion of critics about what an autoflowering strain can do.


    Royal Gorilla Automatic reaches a height of 60-120cm in a grow room . This size allows for higher flower production. Under optimal conditions, long colas and strong side branches and yields of up to 400g / m² are not uncommon. In addition, Royal Gorilla Automatic is a very easy strain to grow that does not require a lot of maintenance and is ideal for the SOG technique. Just 8-10 weeks after germination, you can harvest resinous and large buds with a Diesel and Kush aroma.

    In a warm climate, Royal Gorilla Automatic will grow up to 140cm outdoors and can grow into an extremely productive bush with yields of 120-170g per plant. Since it begins to flower regardless of the photoperiod, Royal Gorilla Automatic can produce multiple harvests from spring to autumn. In order to grow, plants of this variety need a large pot, adequate sunlight, well-draining soil, and a minimal supply of nutrients.


    With a THC content of up to 20% and little CBD, Royal Gorilla Automatic is incredibly psychoactive. As a genetic cocktail of indica, sativa and ruderalis genetics, it has both a physical and a psychological effect. Take it slow, she has a King Kong knockout punch ready. The initial euphoric and cerebral effect slowly turns into a happy couch lock. This extremely resinous cannabis strain with its intense gasoline flavor is more than just a rival for photoperiod strains; Royal Gorilla Automatic sets a new standard in the world of fast flowering premium strains.