Sherbet Queen Automatic

Delicious terpenes? Check. Lots of THC? Check. Excellent yield? Check. Sherbet Queen Automatic really has everything that makes her a hip favorite of all growers with a thing for autoflowering genetics. At the end of her super-short grow cycle, she offers a plentiful harvest of stoned indica buds. Prepare your dry area for harvest after just 8–9 weeks of growing.

Sherbet Queen Automatic

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  • Sherbet Queen Automatic: Full of fruity goodness

    Sherbet Queen Automatic dwarfs the vast majority of autoflowering strains in both flavor and strength. We are pleased to present you with the result of a committed breeding program, one of what we believe to be the most successful autoflower in our genetic archive. It takes up little space, produces good returns, and provides an instant high that will put the mind in a pleasant state.

    Sherbet Queen Automatic: Enjoy the best features of Pink Panties and Cookies Auto

    Sherbet Queen's life began as a daydream. Our team of breeders wanted to keep setting the standard for top-notch autoflowering genetics; this time with a variety that combines impressive strength with excellent aromas. To achieve this, they started with Pink Panties - the tasty descendant of two zesty Kush strains - which they decided to cross with Cookies Auto to add extra sweetness and autoflowering genetics to the mix.

    After perfecting this cross over several generations, Sherbet Queen Automatic had arrived in its final form with a genetic profile of 65% indica, 30% sativa and 5% ruderalis.

    Fitting the Sherbet Queen Automatic: child's play

    Sherbet Queen Automatic offers a respectable yield in a small and compact package. It is a particularly good choice for novice growers who want an easy way to get started with growing cannabis. In the grow room the plants reach a height of 70-100cm and produce an impressive 325-425g / m². To maximize your harvest, we recommend growing 4-6 plants in your growing area and using the ScrOG technique for a dramatically higher yield.

    The plants grow to 90–120cm tall outdoors. You can watch her beautiful blooms show a thick layer of trichomes and orange-yellow pistils as the season progresses. Expect a harvest of up to 150g per plant just 8–9 weeks after germination.

    Effect, aroma and taste of Sherbet Queen Automatic: Big treat with the indica shower

    These compact and sticky buds contain 20% THC. Combined with her indica-dominant genetics, this creates a body-pounding high that sweeps away any physical tension on impact. Every single puff is accompanied by a taste of sweetness and fruit, which makes it a lovely treat that you can enjoy over and over again.

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