These carefully selected industrial hemp flowers, also called CBD hemp or CBD cannabis, are indoor quality from EU hemp - craftsmanship! Hand-picked and grown in the open sun with a lot of love and on healthy soil.

The flowers smell intensely fruity and have no seeds. Due to the outdoor production, the flowers have a high content of terpenes and cannabinoids. EU certified industrial hemp variety with a high cannabinoid content. We only use hemp below 0.2% THC !

Shipping only with a minimum age of 18 years!

SicilJamaica Red Berry

SKU: SicilJamaicaRedBerry.069
1 Gram
    • Cultivation method: OUTDOOR
    • Aroma: berry, sweet & fruity
    • Variety: Cannabis Sativa L. Indoor
    • Seeds: None
    • 16% - 18% CBD
    • below 0.2% THC
    • EU certified
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