The Importance of the Transparent Vase for Orchids For orchids, it is highly recommended that you use transparent plastic vases so that the roots can be exposed to the light that makes them stronger and more active. The transparent vase also makes it easy to control the development of the roots and identify the most appropriate time to repot in a larger container. Finally, another benefit of the clear container is that the soil can be more easily kept under control to ensure there is no stagnation of water and the soil is not too moist or too dry The Importance of Elevated Soil for Orchids The orchid is a plant that which, although it needs a constant supply of water, suffers severely from the water stagnation in the roots. Thanks to the raised soil, the roots remain dry even in the presence of a water reservoir. A little trick is to fill the bottom with a layer of inert material. The raised base can also be used to support the original pots. Drainage predisposition The bottom of the Orchidea vase is completely closed and watertight. However, it is prepared for easy drilling in 4 positions so that it runs perfectly.

transparent plastic vase