Paper box with 24 booklets. Natural rolling papers with the all-in-one innovation
Patented long papers with tips, rotating shelf and compartment for a grinder card (but must be ordered separately!).
The first long papers with an integrated, hinged rotating surface and high-quality, reusable grinder card. This can be stored in a specially designed compartment in the paper packaging.
The papers made from unbleached, organic hemp burn cleanly, slowly and completely. Inside-out fans will also get their money's worth thanks to the strong, GMO-free adhesive!
The packaging is made of recycled cardboard and does not require plastic, rubber or magnets, which is why environmentally conscious smokers can dispose of it directly in the paper waste. The grinder card made of high-quality, food-safe stainless steel (please order separately) will be reused.
With Woodzl you always have everything with you, packaged in a sustainable, compact and stylish way.
Woodzl Longpapers:
Longpaper packaging with a hinged rotating surface
Storage compartment for the optionally available grinder card
Organic, unbleached hemp long papers
Perforated filter tips
King Size Slim Longpaper
Longpaper packaging and filter tips made from recycled cardboard

WOODZL King Size Slim Papers with tips + rotating tray + grinder card compartment

SKU: PapierWoodzl.027